Telescope Accessories

MoonLite Truss Connector Systems

Assembly of a Ball & Socket Telescope

Field assembly of a telescope equiped with MoonLite's Ball and Socket Truss Connectors is quick and easy.

Start by placing the tubes into the lower connectors located on the mirror box.

Tighten the lower connectors.

Position two poles in their sockets on the upper cage. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE THUMBSCREWS. Work your way around the upper cage inserting two poles at a time. Again, do not tighten the thumbscrews yet.

The final two poles are the trickiest. Slightly tilt the upper cage to insert the final two poles. Do this without disturbing the other poles. With a little practice, this becomes very easy.

Next, tighten the thumbscrews on the upper cage.

You're ready to observe!