Telescope Accessories

MoonLite Swing Filter Installation & Use

The hole requirements for the filter system is just a small square cutout on your OTA. No other modifications need to be made to install the focuser.

The filter lever system rides up and down above the mounting surface, and can be flipped in and out at any position.

Installing the filter is done inside of the OTA. The filter simply screws into the holder.

If the focuser is racked the whole way down, it may allow the filter holder to bump into the incoming light path. The small amount of diffraction it causes should not be noticeable. Eps should not reach focus at the extreme end of the focusers range anyway. It is recommended that focus is achieved somewhere in the normal range of the focusers travel.

Swinging the filter in the OUT position will limit the amount of up travel that is available in the focuser. In this example the mounting surface is 1/4" so the normal 2" of focuser travel is restricted to 1 3/4" of travel with the filter in the out position. Mounting bolts should not stick down into the OTA where the filter swings out. We supply a recessed "T" nut and a short bolt to be used in that position.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.