Telescope Accessories

Please note: MoonLite Only manufactures motorized versions of all of our focusers. We no longer make manual focusers and do not have any left in stock. We are updating our web page to reflect this at this time. All Crayford model focusers come with a choice of 10 different Motor options to pick from that can handle everything from Visual to automated needs. Please check out the new V3 integrated controller style HIgh-Res motor, that is our most popular version.

A little bit about MoonLite...!

MoonLite has been manufacturing traditional Crayford focusers starting in 2000 in our small shop in PA. The first motorized models for automation come about in 2005 and has been refined ever since. In 2010 MoonLite moved to a larger building to support demand for Crayford focusers with more advanced automation abilities. Then in 2016 MoonLite introduced the Nitecrawler line of fully automated 2 axis worm drive rotating focusers. The fly by wire design and accuracy of the Nitecrawler model is perfect for todays automation requirements for a Focuser/ Rotator. We expanded our buildings due to the increased demand for the Nitecrawler focusers and starting working on new options to further support the automation needs of imagers. Our products are precision machined with a professional finish. We guarantee the quality in both form and function. All of our products carry a 30 Day Return Policy and a Limited Product Warranty.

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Here is a look at how we make them:

Ron & Al

2001 Black Forest Star Party, Cherry Springs, Pennsylvania
Ron with his 16" Dob and Al with his 12 1/2" Split Ring